Are you currently taking on new projects?
Yes! I am always open to new projects. If possible, please book early since I’m usually scheduling months in advance.

When should I contact you?
Your cover is very important to the success of your book. I urge you to book a designer as soon as possible. As I mentioned above, I’m usually booking months in advance and I really hate having to say no 🙂

Do you have a rush fee?
My schedule is usually full but, I understand that sometimes emergencies happen. If I am able to accommodate you (in respect to my current clients and schedule) I will. I do have a rush fee and will apply this on an “as needed” basis. This fee can be found on my price list.

How long does it take?
The time frame varies for each project. Designs can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for completion. Once I start on your cover, I usually send a preliminary a week later. From there, completion depends on the number of revisions. Generally, I work fast and edits have priority on my schedule.

What is your process?
I usually  start every project with a questionnaire. This gives me a feel for your story and aesthetic. It also answers a few technical questions that I have. Following that is the  “brainstorming” phase. During this time, we can share images and inspiration via email, lightbox or Pinterest. After brainstorming, I will send you a preliminary before we start the editing process.

How many concept designs do you send?
I consider myself  a perfectionist and usually run through several ideas and tweaks before you even see the design. I take the strongest concept and provide one preliminary cover. This is a part of my personal brainstorming process and  takes the largest chunk of my time which is why I usually provide just one preliminary to start. Having said that, if inspiration strikes and I get multiple strong concepts, I will show or discuss them with you.

How many revisions do I get?
You get three revisions included in the price. Additional revisions will be an extra charge. As long as the revisions are not complete redesigns, the fee will be nominal. If the revisions are excessive (or complete concept redesigns) I may charge a larger fee to account for time. These fees can be found on my price list.  

Can I use my own image?
You are welcome to supply an image as long as the image is high enough resolution (at least 300dpi ) and licensed for commercial use. I may require proof of this permission.

Can I design an EBook cover now and a Print cover later?
Yes, all of my designs are print ready and the full sleeve can be added for an additional fee.

Will you read my book first?
Due to time constraints and personal design preference, I do not need to read your book first. I try to approach all projects objectively and with an open mind. I strive to find a balance between relevance to the story and communicating the appropriate tone to the reader.

Can I change my mind (or information) about my project?
You are paying for a slot of time on my schedule. As long as your payments are up to date and the changes are comparable to the original project, you can change your mind  at a later date. All I ask is you keep me updated as soon as possible because I like to gauge the scope of a project beforehand.

This is book ### of my series…Someone else designed the last book cover, can you match the design?
I consider myself a versatile and adaptable designer. I will not copy someone else’s work. However, I will try to preserve the look and feel of the series to the best of my abilities.

I saw (insert name here)’s logo and I really love it. Can you copy this?
I always appreciate looking at your inspiration and research but, see above answer. Having said that, it’s great to take a look around to get a better idea of what you like and determine what you’re looking for.

What is a “trim “ size?
This pertains to the paperback size you want. Most “print on demand” companies that print paperbacks use templates. In order for me to properly format your cover to the template, I will need the trim size, final (PDF) page count from the formatter and your color preference for the interior paper.

Do I have to have the book completed before you send my files?
No, as long as your balance is paid in full, I will send you all finalized files. The print PDF is usually sent at a later date since most people don’t have the final  page count ready.

What forms of payment do you accept?
All payments are accepted through PayPal. Deposits and final invoices will be sent via PayPal.

How do I credit you?
Credit must be included in the front of book. Cover design © Hang Le

Please refer to Terms and Conditions for complete information and restrictions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email